Hi All...I haven't posted in here in forever it seems, although I would come in once in awhile and read some posts..I feel good knowing that I can come here to talk about things and this place is still available! WTG Duke!

well, it was mine and my husband's 19th wedding anniversary yesterday and it went by with no happy anniversary wishes. We've been together for a total of 25 years this year and have decided to separate.

I know that the question would be why after all these years? well, the reason would be that we do love eachother but haven't been in love for some time now. we stayed together in the past for the kids and since that didn't pan out too well, we've decided to split up regardless of raising our granddaughter.

staying together for the kids is never a good idea. we know that now so we don't want to make that same mistake with erika. we solidified the decision on friday.

it is a friendly separation as we don't hate eachother and there is no fighting; in fact, we're getting along way better now then we have been in years. he hasn't left yet and that's ok. we haven't told erika yet and not sure when we will be telling her since her 10th birthday is coming up in november. our kids don't know yet either..only some close friends and my family members know.

i have never really been alone in my life. this will be my first time. starting over at 50 yrs old is something i thought i would never have to do but, i am ready to do it. i feel good about it actually. i am sad that it ended and more worried about breaking his heart then my own but happy at the same time. does that make any sense at all?

i am actually looking forward to what my future holds!