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    Glen Campbell Puts a Face to Alzheimers Disease

    Mr. Campbell and his family's courage in showing all that happens through this dreadful disease and how it touches so many families, how difficult it is to cope through.

    This song made me cry when I listened to it while watching the "Glen Campbell I'll Be Me"" and it's making me well up with tears again. So sad to have a loved one taken away in life by this disease.

    Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me is a 2014 American documentary film about country music singer Glen Campbell. Campbell and close friend Julian Raymond, the film's executive producer, won a Grammy Award, and were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for writing the film's theme "I'm Not Gonna Miss You".
    Rotten Tomatoes reports that the film has received a 100% "Fresh" rating, with 26 positive reviews and no negative ones.[2] The Washington Post's Ann Hornaday wrote that " 'Iíll Be Me' is an elevating experience, inviting the audience to bear witness to Campbellís courage, humor and spiritual strength. His story may make for a tough movie, but itís an important and triumphant one, as well."[3] Alissa Simon of Variety wrote that it "blends intimate and unflinching medical details, poignant performance footage and a survey of its subjectís place in musical history through well-chosen archival footage and interviews with other iconic performers."[4]'ll_Be_Me
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