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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    I need some advice about this everyone.

    Me and my mom do get along time to time but there are some days, she would tell me that I need to talk more(I have social anxiety and few other mental health issues).

    As for my mom and dad, like other couples, they argue but love each other.

    This is where I need some advice.

    I am fine that my parents are friends with some people of the opposirw sex. I then look through my mom''s phone and found texts with pictutes of her to one of her guy friends. Some of the pics involved her wearing some revealing(not too revealing) clothes.

    Should I be concerned?

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    Re: Need help

    Hi Ivadori

    Welcome to Lifesupporters.

    It is probably going to be hard for people to give an opinion without soundling a little like a parent so I do hope you take any comments posted with the generosity of spirit they are intended.

    Parents are our guides and moral compass and we tend to look to them to be 'perfect'. However, we are all human and when things get tough we look for a way to lighten our lives.

    If you believe that there is more to the photo's or messages then you should ask your Mum outright (but just when it is the two of you) about it. Be prepared for a blast back though as you've been looking on 'her' phone which I assume was without her permission (that's the parent bit ).

    Things sometimes are not what they seem at first glance. Just approach things remembering that your Mum & Dad are subject to the same temptations and threats in the world as you are (hope that makes sense) and they are allowed to make mistakes too.

    You said you have a good relationship with your Mum so approach her in the supportive way I'm sure she supports you.

    I look forward to hearing how things go if you do decide to speak with her.

    I also hope you take a look around LifeSupporters as there are many threads that might be of interest to you and that you will be able to contribute too using your own experiences.

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    Re: Need help

    Welcome to Lifesupporters, ivadori!

    I totally agree with Rosie's great advice and I can't think of anything more to add at this time. I also look forward to how you are handling the situation, as well.

    This website is celebrating it's 11th anniversary today and there is lots of information here about almost all kinds of problems people have encountered as well as lots and lots of fun and inspirational material. Feel free to take a look around and post anywhere that you feel you can add to for more conversation!
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