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    favourite books and songs for children

    Dear parents, we are designers of a brand new educational website for children. Originally we began this website in our own country but have recently grown to incorporate other countries and languages. Our goal is to create the best online activities for children and we were fortunate to do just that in our homeland. To make this experience unique for your country, we would love to hear more about the fairy tales, songs, and books your children love! What are some stories that all children know? For example, in France, they all read Charles Perrault, in England - Edvadr Lear, and in Russia - Aleksandr Pushkin. What is popular in your country? What fairy tales, songs, nursery rhymes, and verses for small children would it be considered a shame not to know?

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    Re: favourite books and songs for children

    Welcome to Lifesupporters, Irina.

    My personal favourites are Dr. Seuss and just about anything to do with Disney, like the ever familiar "Bambi" for a start.
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    Re: favourite books and songs for children

    Hi Irna
    What a lovely idea .... so many have been lost into the distant past.

    Nursery Rhymes come to mind, like:

    Ring around the rosy,
    Pocket full of posy,
    Ashes! Ashes!
    We all fall down!

    this one is familiar in a lot of countries and each have their own version so it would be good to investigate them and do a comparison as the version I know is :

    Ring a Ring of Rosies
    A pocket full of Posies
    Attishu Attishu
    We all Fall down

    and a cute one is

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary
    How does your garden grow?
    With silver bells and cockleshells
    And pretty maids all in a row.

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    Re: favourite books and songs for children

    Hi, dear Parents!
    Thank you very much for your feedback. It is very important for us to have this information.
    If somebody can tell about cultural values of the family, please, tell us too) Best regards to All))

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    Re: favourite books and songs for children

    Five Little Speckled Frogs
    Take Me Out of the Bathtub
    Silly Dilly School Songs
    are my favourites.

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