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    "I Love Them Like My Own"

    My DIL shares a job with another girl and they babysit each other's kids. They've naturally developed a close relationship. When I visit my grandchildren, help out with the babysitting. One time,the other grandmother was visiting also, and we were babysitting together. As we were watching the kids, referring to the other mom's kids, the other grand ma said, "Don't you love them as if they were your own?" I was taken aback. The other children are beautiful and wonderful and precious to their family. But I honestly do not feel the same way about those kids as I do my own grandchildren. The other grandma was surprised, and I knew she was misinterpreting what I said. It's caused a bit of stress in our relationship. My grandchildren mean more to me than anything. Saying that doesn't mean the other kids are not wonderful or deserving of their own familiy's love. I just don't feel the same way about them as I do my own grandchildren

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    Re: "I Love Them Like My Own"

    Welcome Masahiro to LS, hope you find some interesting thoughts & feedback from the forums.

    It is not a pleasant situation to be in. Is it worth chatting with the other grandmother to see if you can explain how you feel. As you indicated, sounds as if she mis-interprutated what you said. Sometimes our facial expressions inadvertenly add to such situations

    Look forward to hearing how you get on.

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