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    What was your childhood like?

    What we are like today is shaped in very large part due to our childhood. Many of our core values, beliefs, relationships, moods, etc., are determined by our childhood.

    Then there's the other side of the coin where many of us have forgotten or lost touch with our childhood leading to all manner of social and even health related issues.

    What was your childhood like and have you lost touch with it either involuntarily or purposely?
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    Re: What was your childhood like?

    I ask myself 'what childhood?' since most of it was spent in what I now know is constant anxiety because of alcoholism that took over my Dad's life, then through the terrible advice of a doctor, my Mom joined in the drinking. That being said, it sounds like a terribly bitter statement, but I have learned a lot through countless hours of trying to understand their lives, forgive them for not giving me what I felt I needed, so was unable to give from myself what I didn't have to give. I'm still learning as I age.

    I am in the process of studying about ACOA's and I'm glad I am, because I realize I'm not alone in how I've felt or still feel at times.
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    Re: What was your childhood like?

    ooh boy, how to describe my childhood! Chaotic, different, varied, funny, weird, violent, scary, hopeful and loving. I think most childhoods could account for most of these elements as each day is different when you're a child

    If I had to say a percentage I'd say 55% of it was different, varied, funny, chaotic, hopeful and loving, as I came from a large family with half brothers & sisters, leading to great complications when trying to explain who is who. I make no bones about the biggest influence in my life was my Grandmother and have had the pleasure of sharing her ways on here.

    The weird, violent and scary elements are borne of not understanding what was required as a kid, watching adults loosing control and taking the blame on yourself, looking at relationships in self-destruct mode and wanting to hide away and being the object of violence just because you were in the line of sight.

    It was by no means perfect but then........... what is perfection???

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    Re: What was your childhood like?

    I must be one of the luckiest children ever born, because I firmly beleive that I had the best childhood possible.

    Born to fantastic parents, we had no issues with drugs, alcohol, divorce etc and both would always spend as much time with my brother and I, as they possibly could.

    The only regret is that both parents died way too young and we didn't get to enjoy them through most of our adulthood

    I can't express how much i love them and how much i miss them They were the best .

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