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    Tea and Coffee Protect Against Heart Disease?

    Drinking several cups of tea or coffee a day appears to protect against heart disease, a 13-year-long study from the Netherlands has found.
    It adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting health benefits from the most popular hot drinks.
    Those who drank more than six cups of tea a day cut their risk of heart disease by a third, the study of 40,000 people found.

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    Re: Tea and Coffee Protect Against Heart Disease?

    Hi Adamjohn

    Welcome to Life Supporters. Glad to see you've jumped straight in with an interesting thread.

    I love these studies that people do. I find that if wait around a few months there is bound to be another study that disputes the first one

    This particular study is actually from 2010. I am thinking the drinks themselves, pure tea or coffee, may have some benefits (not sure if they are medicinal) but it's the add-in's we have that are not - full fat milk, cream, refined sugars.

    Be interesting to see what others think.

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