I received a Private Message asking if I'd thought about adding a religious category to the site. To be completely honest, I wasn't sure if I'd ever seriously considered it (or even thought about it).

Anyway, I think it's an important topic because you don't have to be religious to have religious beliefs. I ask that everyone please be considerate of each otherĂ¢Â€Â™s posts in this section because some people are quite passionate about their religious beliefs, just as some of us are passionate about sports, politics, etc.

I want to stress that there is absolutely no need for arguing, debating or belittling of members who post their views in this forum, or any other on this site. If I see any more of this type of content, it will be moved and you will be banned for one week with little or no warning. I also don't care who started it, it takes a minimum of two people to argue so all guilty parties will be policed accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding.