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Thread: Jury Duty

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    Jury Duty

    LOL I've always wanted to be selected for Jury Duty ( guess I'm strange that way) now I got a summons and I can't go because pregnancy is an excuse... go fuigure. Now I guess I'll have to wait another 5 years

    Have you ever done Jury Duty?

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    I've never had to do jury duty but it would be very interesting. i think i'd like it, especially if it was a real bad crime case. It would be interesting.
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    The only time I was ever called for it...they excused me due to work load while I was working on base. Other than that situation though...I would enjoy doing the jury thing. I think it would be very interesting.

    If it was a shorter trial....they might still use you unless you didn't want to sit that long. I think it might be your choice....but I'm not sure. Also, the pay is really lousy....$50 a day or something to that effect.

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    my dad did a drug case once. It was a few years ago and i dont remember what happened.

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