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    This so fits in a family forum.....

    I don't have the link to the actual news article right this minute...but I'll get it. It consisted of a woman in Atlanta who had a son with a 16th birthday party. There were about 10 kids there....none of which were 18 years of age. She chose to have a stripper surprise him with a dance. She took pics. When the pics were developed....they saw there were kids present and the photolab had to call in the authorities. The Mom was arrested. She faces up to 3 years in jail....but if she doesn't have a record....she'll get probation at best.

    Twinks and I have discussed this in terms of if calling in these pics were an invasion of privacy. I totally understand that train of thought. However, much like in TZummer's's the law that you HAVE to report anything you find is in conjuction with a possible 'inappropriate sexual situation involving a minor'. I happen to agree with the law....but I do understand where someone would feel this only gives the government too much ground to spy.

    Either about the law itself or the judgement call of the mother in you have any thoughts?

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    It wasn't an invasion of privacy by the government. If you are handing someone else you roll of film to be developed you have no expectation of privacy. Many of the machines are automatic and no one pays attention, but the photos are in plain sight for the employees.

    For judgement calls on the part of the mother, stripper was a bad idea, as was not getting a digital or polaroid camera.

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    I agree with the law that the mother should be held criminally accountable for her actions. I'm sure the parents to the other teens that were present aren't too thrilled about having a stripper there dancing for their children. I know I wouldn't be! I'd be just as upset if she had handed them alcohol or drugs; same thing in MHO.

    It's not an invasion of privacy at all. These were kids and they did the right thing by calling the authorities.

    What kind of mother condones sex to her young teenage son? Personally, I think it's sick.
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