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    Freedom of Speech

    How far should it go and should this be covered under it?

    DJs suspended in St Louis....
    The beat goes on at KATZ radio, 100.3 on the FM dial. But the radio station finds itself at the center of a major controversy, due to on-air comments about hurting police officers.

    Wednesday morning, KATZ personalities "DJ Kaos" and "DJ Silli Asz" gave their audience tips on how to disarm and injure police officers. One bit of advice told people to fight for the officer's radio so he can't call for help.

    O'Fallon Missouri police sergeant Tom Otten is livid. "They need to be fired, absolutely, they need to be fired. And I think there needs to be a public apology to officers on that radio station."

    KATZ owner Clear Channel Communications suspended the employees for two days, and stressed in an apology that the station "takes pride in supporting and assisting local law enforcement whenever possible." The employees must also do a ride-along with police to see how they do their jobs.

    St. Louis Police Chief Joe Mokwa called on-air comments wrong and inappropriate, but seemed willing to forgive. "They made a mistake. I'm willing to move on and forget about it."

    But O'Fallon sergeant Tom Otten is far from satisfied by the punishment. "What does a suspension do? It does nothing. That shows a horrible lack of character and moral judgment"

    If the deejays aren't fired, Otten vows to write and call his fellow officers to have them contact the KATZ advertisers, and urge them to remove their ads.

    The timing of the radio remarks makes a bad situation far worse. It was just a week ago that Kirkwood police sergeant Bill McEntee was shot and killed while on duty. "Something like that would never be acceptable, but to come right after one of our fellow officers was shot and murdered for nothing, that's just horrible," said Otten. "That's like spitting in the family's face."

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    Along with any freedom comes responsibility. We are free to say what we want here too, but if we bash someone or make racial slurs, or type instructions on how to kill someone without getting caught, etc. I would think the thread would be pulled because those things are nor, IMHO, appropriate or the actions of a responsible person. Venting is one thing, participating - however passively - in the hurting of another is wrong and freedom doesn't (or shouldn't) support those actions.

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    I totally agree Just_A_Thought. Just like teenagers lose their freedom when they abuse their should adults.

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