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    my cousin got married

    My oldest cousin got married yesterday. She spent her whole life saying she never will get married, then her bf proposed and she said yes, and then yesterday was the wedding, i didnt go because it was in arkansas.

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    Same thing happened to a friend of mine who lived with her SO for a long time, and though she said he would never propose, was very anti-marriage, one day popped the question, she said "Yes" and the rest is history...

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    hubby and i were never going to get married and we finally did after 6 years of living together. you just know at a certain point that yes, he/she's the one i want for life (even though they can be arses sometimes, but that's a whole other story on its own :evil: )

    Well, i think it's very romantic and i congratulate your cousin and her new hubby.
    Life is what you make of it. Make it happen.

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    i just talked to my parenst and they said that the wedding was good. Her father even showed up(her parents got divorced) he became a drug addict and has no money, he used to be a CEO and make a lot of money. My brother it turns out can dance really well.

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