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    CNN and half truths.....How Our Media Operates

    Read the story and form an opinion as you read... Then read the bottom. This is a perfect example of how the media operates and people get the wrong message.

    FBI, you've got mail -- NOT!
    FBI official says budget doesn't cover accounts for all agents

    Wednesday, March 22, 2006; Posted: 10:16 a.m. EST (15:16 GMT)

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Budget constraints are forcing some FBI agents to operate without e-mail accounts, according to the agency's top official in New York.

    "As ridiculous as this might sound, we have real money issues right now, and the government is reluctant to give all agents and analysts dot-gov accounts," Mark Mershon said when asked about the gap at a New York Daily News editorial board meeting.

    "We just don't have the money, and that is an endless stream of complaints that come from the field," he said. (Watch how running short affects catching terrorists -- 2:00)

    FBI officials in Washington denied that cost-cutting was putting agents at a disadvantage.

    Spokeswoman Cathy Milhoan said e-mail addresses are still being assigned, adding that the city bureau's 2,000 employees would all have accounts by the end of the year.

    Mershon, the assistant director in charge of the agency's New York City office, also said that 100 city agents have been given Internet-ready phones such as BlackBerry devices.

    Christine Monaco, a spokeswoman for the FBI in New York, said Monday that all FBI agents can communicate with each other via a secure internal e-mail system, and about 75 percent of the New York office's employees have outside e-mail accounts.

    "The outside e-mail accounts have to be separately funded," she said.

    Senator Charles Schumer called for better access to technology for agents.

    "The FBI should have the tools it needs to fight terrorism and crime in the 21st century, most of all in New York City, and one of the most effective means of communications is e-mail and the Internet," he said.

    "FBI agents not having e-mail or Internet access is much too much a pre-9/11 mentality."

    Ofcourse, no one mentioned they need highly SECURED email on a special server with home access thru a device (looks like a portable USB device) they need to log into that email on. I have a friend with one of those and they are relatively new and EXPENSIVE. Plus, the person using it needs special clearance because they have access to a very vulnerable area linked with all the military and government. To get this clearance can take months while they are waiting for everyone they send letters to to respond. I've verified addresses (as a neighbor) for military personnel for clearances many times. They have to get several just for this one thing.

    Another CNN story going terribly wrong and giving half truths.

    So next time you read something..... don't take it for face value if it's from our Commie News Network.

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    Well, would you rather have it that they told the truth - and telling "potential terrorists" how to recognize the special agents - which in effect would be the result if you make that particular bit of information available?

    On the one hand, you want to report there is a problem. But on the other hand you are not allowed to talk about classified information.
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    There is nothing classified about it. It's a NON ISSUE. Just some silly reporter heard something and made a stupid story out of it.

    I wonder what all alse gets reported out of our country that sounds like one thing...but is really something else?

    It's like all the Katrina stories. They go on and on about how many people still haven't been provided mobile-homes to live in. What they don't say is that all the sewage systems and water systems are compromised. When an area as big as the UK gets can take A WHILE before it's ready for anyone to move back in there. It's not about a lack of's about the need for more time.

    However, American's are known for WHINING...until the government gives them more freebies.

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