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Thread: Webhost Move

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    Webhost Move

    We will be changing webhosts as early as April 28, 2006. Since this is such a large site, the move may take a few days to complete. In order to keep us still somewhat fuctional, I will continue to keep one forum open but which one will depend on how quickly I progress through the site move.

    What this means to you:

    - remember that we can be reached through either domain, and/or If for some reason, one domain isn't working in your area, it's likely the other one will be.
    - retain my e-mail address and contact me should you experience issues. I can be e-mailed at Be sure to title your message Lifesupporters (issue) or I may delete your message as spam or it may not even make it to me due to my spam controls filter.
    - all members will need to upgrade their account info., on the new host but not until I say it's ok to do. The reason for this is any change to your account prior to the site going live may completely screw up the database transfer.
    - I will be tranferring member info., during the week but will only transfer posts taken from a backup created on Thursday April 27, 2006 so any posts made at the old site after this date will not transfer to the new site.

    Hopefully all goes well and we're on the new servers by the weekend.

    Lets put this crappy site performance behind us shall we?

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    Will you put this message on all the networked sites or should we put it on our own?

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    I'll put it on all sites tonite when I get home.

    I just moved .com today and it's already resolved virtually everywhere which is exactly the opposite of what happened with :?

    Now it seems all I have done is confused people because many of the sites are not installed on .com yet.

    Hopefully I'll have most of this corrected tonite.
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