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    ~ What is a Veteran ~
    You can't tell a vet just by looking

    He is the cop on the beat who spent six months in Saudi Arabia sweating 2 gallons a day making sure the armored personnel carrier didn't run out of fuel
    He is the barroom loudmouth whose behavior is outweighed in the cosmic scales by four hours of unparalleled bravery near the 38th Parallel in Korea.
    She is the nurse who fought against futility in Da Nang and
    went to sleep sobbing every night for two solid years.
    He is the POW who left one person and came back another.
    He is the drill instructor who has never been in combat but has saved countless lives by turning no-accounts into Marines.
    He is the parade-riding legionnaire who pins on his ribbons and medals with a prosthetic hand.
    He is the white-haired guy bagging groceries at the supermarket, aggravatingly slow, who helped liberate a Nazi death camp.
    A vet is an ordinary and extraordinary human being --- someone
    who offered his life's vital years in the service of his country.

    He is a soldier and a savior and a sword against the darkness,
    and nothing more than the finest, greatest testimony on behalf of
    the finest, greatest nation ever known. We will never be able to
    repay the debt of gratitude we owe.
    ~Author Unknown~


    ~ Veterans Day ~

    It is the soldier, not the reporter,
    Who has given us freedom of the press.
    It is the soldier, not the poet,
    Who has given us freedom of speech

    It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
    Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
    It is the soldier who salutes the flag,
    Who serves beneath the flag,
    And whose coffin does the flag drape,
    Who allows the protester to burn the flag.

    by Father Denis Edward O'Brien, USMC


    Thank you Veterans for having served our nation, and let us
    remember those who didn't come home, and those who did but
    are now departed.

    May your Veterans Day also be one of reflection and prayer for
    our Brothers and Sisters presently in harms way. May God
    deliver them safely home to their loved ones.

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    I'll have to post a news article on this. It's Rememberance Day in Canada Tomorrow too.
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