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    Political madness

    I dont know about how other countries do it.
    Here in Australia they have a thing called question time, with all the important politicians, and it is broadcast on our ABC. What they do is sit around in this really official room and the head person, mister speaker or who ever the hell he is, decides who gets to speak and when. The person who's turn it is to speak, speaks about what ever his/her issue is, then somebody stands up and says that, the idae is crap voices raise and they abuse each other.
    Normally I wouldnt care what people say and do to each other, but these clowns are running the country that Im living in, and deciding what is best for me. I just wanna jump in the tv and punch em all out. :x
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    The way I look at it is that unless someone stomps on my God or my Flag, then I figure there is only so much damage that they can do before their elected term is up anyway.

    I've realized that thru the years, regardless of who is in office, my life isn't so special that anything they do changes it anyway. I'm always on my last dime, I still have the same responsibilities, and the beer is always just as cold. They have little power over my particular life.

    Mainly, they are just playing a power game with each other.

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