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Thread: World War One

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    World War One

    The News last evening reported that a great number of young people did not know anything about World War One. I thought this was a great link.

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    The same holds true for Europe; where most of the fighting was.
    Most Dutch don't even know there is a small German-speaking minority in Belgium; which is a result of territorial gains made by Belgium after WW I (compensation).
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    Re: World War One

    this forum has some resources and an area to discuss WWI history, I highly recomend it
    Hi there!

    I want to take a moment to tell you about We offer a wide variety of historical topics from The American Revolution to the Zulu wars and everything else. We are a small but friendly group of people who enjoy talking history as well as some light fun and games as well. But theres room for more and we would like to see you come check us out.

    Now we would never want you to leave this forum, and encourage you to come visit us only if it wont interfere with the time you spend here, but if you have a few moments you may find we are well worth the visit. We feature a full forum setup with a format that is familiar as we utilize vBulletin forum software. It ofers a social networing framework as well, allowing for friends lists and individual photo galleries and all. We also have a great FlashChat setup integrated with our forums, so it only requires one registration to use it all. We try to be in chat every evening about 9 PM Eastern so please do come check that out as well.

    Oh well, not trying to bore you,, so let me close by saying that I look forward to seeing you there!

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    Re: World War One

    hist-forumnut, please observe our rules when it comes to offsite linking as a New Member.

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