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    I've had a strange night of getting some great pics from a friend who is serving in Iraq....who is so proud of their accomplishments....along with an email from one of my dearest friends who has a son serving there as well. They have lost 11 out of the 20 in their team in Fallujah...and she was so upset and worried.

    This isn't a pro or con war post. It's a post about feeling torn and sorrowful.

    I don't have the words to make this Mom's fears better. I don't have the words to thank this soldier for his great contribution.

    I'm just in between....wishing I could make the world a better place. And crying a little......

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    I cried for our men and their wives today some country song by ShaDaisy came on "Please come home soon" and it was so sad....

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    Just to set the record straight, I have no problem with political discussions in an adult forum. If they start to go sidewase and members start picking on one another then my blood starts to boil.

    Regardless of political opinion in the Iraq War, I do feel for the loved ones who are uncertain as to the whereabouts or their family on both sides of the war. I'd love to see a statistic that actually compares the amount of casualties to the innocent victims killed unintentionally or had their lives altered through losing family in the war.
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