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    street lights off

    The department of transport in england, are planning to turn off all the street lights in england during non traffic hours. God help us all. It is proberley the one of the most ridiculuos thoughts our goverment had thought up. The main problem this is going to create is street crime, with all the street lights off its going to give theives the biggest oppatunity to steal, and also driving is going to be annoying from seeing people and seeing the road, espically on the motorway. As i said god help us all....

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    I just read about that, Megan, after I read your post. I hope they don't do it until they've researched what the repercussions could be...

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    they will do it, that is what our goverment is like and then they will blaim it on something else, raise taxes and say we are going to improve it but they actually don't

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