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Thread: Skin disease

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    Skin disease

    My grandmother is suffering from skin disease. Trying to help her find a product she could use to relieve her pain and arthritis, I finally had enough. Nothing seems to work. The worst pain you could ever feel is watching a family memberyou love suffer while you stand by helpless to do anything about it. Sometimes just the simple act of sitting drove her to tears. So seeing them suffer when they should be enjoying life was very hard to bear. I had enough. I just had to do something about it.

    Celestone is a corticosteroid. It reduces swelling. Celestone is used for many conditions, among them: allergic reactions, skin diseases (psoriasis, hives), breathing problems; certain cancers, blood disorders, and eye problems; arthritis, digestive problems, and for hormone replacement.

    Can anyone tell me more about this??
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    Re: Skin disease

    I'm sorry for the way your grandmother is suffering. I really wish I knew more on this topic but alas, I really have no knowledge in this area.

    You could try asking a pharmacist, doctor or even someone in Emergency what the benefits/risks are of using such a creme.
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