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    Re: Pet names for your kids

    Quote Originally Posted by Risefromtheashes View Post
    i just call my three "why you little......." lol -
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    Re: Pet names for your kids

    Hol, HolHol, HollyBoo, H, Baby, Babes, Bunny... amongst many others (some food related) for the younger, but the older is called by her name. My friend is the same with her youngest, I think the urge to baby them gets translated into more pet names.

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    Re: Pet names for your kids

    So now that my daughter is growing up, I have to lose the baby pet names and settle for a whole bunch of new ones. It's getting to the point where I'm not sure what her real name is anymore?

    Now she goes by d33z, d33zle, fart-a-tui, monkey farter, and sandwitch.
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    Re: Pet names for your kids

    A true story about pet names.....

    My first son Tim was born and his Nana, my mother, called him Yogi as in Yogi Bear She did it for years.

    Then Michael was born 3 years later. Now Michael is partially physically disabled and slightly mentally affected, he has had 32 operations to fix his feet. They were upside down and back to front....but all is fine now, he runs, plays etc etc. 6'2" and 280lbs.

    But i remember the day he was born....that night i popped into Mums and she was happy, we were all concerned about Michael and his condition and then Mum started sobbing. She sobbed, sobbed and sobbed some more and i tried to calm her down, telling her all will be fine, we'll fix him up etc etc.

    The medical condition wasnt really what upset her as such....for years she had Yogi (Tim) and the next one was going to be Michael, with the nick name BOO BOO. (Yogis friend). But now she was sobbing her heart out because she couldnt call Michael BOO BOO for obvious reasons. It took me ages to calm her down and from that night forward, never again did she call Tim by his pet name of Yogi.

    At Nanas funeral, Tim gave a very brief Eulogy and made special mention that he was her grandson, her special YOGI. It had rarely been discussed in the 20 or so years that had been passed for fear of hurting her feelings or upsetting her It was a beautiful and fitting touch

    Tim = Timbo

    Michael = Bucky, Belt Bucle, "Skin And Bone Elephant" because as a young kid he was dreadfully skinny, as he got older he grew into big build and the refers to an appendage that his father would be proud of. Though he still thinks its because of his weight (lol)

    Taylor = Punky Dora, Punky, Little Mum

    And me....well im known as Uncle Fester My look alike.
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