I am happy that my bosses fired the service manager yesterday and I hated him.His name was Russel and we did noit get along very well.He wanted to put me on a heater core job on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am and I told him no because I saw there was mold on the carpet.I told him that I am very allergic to mold and he told me it will not kill me.My bosses heard this,they know I am very allergic to mold and I will react to it or it will kill me if I got near it.My bosses care about my allergies and they did ban smoking in the building too because I am very allergic to cigerrette smoke too.They do not want to see me suffer, know my allergies are not funny and they care about me.I went through it once at work,near mold and went to the hospital last year.Luckily I was ok,2 days in the hospital for an observation and had a check up with my allergist.They did hire a new service manager and his name is Nate,he starts on Monday.I heard he is very nice and cares about everyone.I am happy and told my bosses for taking care of it knowing they care about me knowing I have allergies.