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    various religions

    I was just wondering if there's anyone here who is not Christian. It seems anytime I find something about religion, it's always about Christian religions. I was brought up Catholic, and have had very little exposure to non-Christian religions. I've met some people who are Muslim, and a few who are Jewish, and that's about it. I am interested in finding out more. Part of it is just wanting to learn about something new. Another part is just not feeling like a Catholic. I honestly don't see myself converting to anything else, but I would like to get closer to God. I'm closer now than before. I just don't know anyone I'm comfortable asking about their religion, but the anonymity of the internet makes it easier.

    I was divorced and am now remarried. I know the church doesn't like that, but I'm so much happier now. Also, my new husband has a good relationship with God, and has brought me (and my children) closer to Him too.

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    Re: various religions

    I am not Christian, or a believer in another faith.

    For the most important part of any religion is how it deals with those of a different persuasion. Be it political, social, cultural, or religious. And that is exactly where I would run into issues with many if not all religions. But that is a different topic.

    Personally I don't think that humans or a church (even when inspired by Divinity, should not be taken for the Divine itself) can judge on moral affairs for God. Only God himself can do that. But this view may well be considered to be heretic by believers of some denominations.

    I was divorced and am now remarried. I know the church doesn't like that, but I'm so much happier now. Also, my new husband has a good relationship with God, and has brought me (and my children) closer to Him too.
    For me, the divorce would not be an issue. The second marriage would not be an issue. The issue would be how you arrived at were you are. Judging by the sentiment and the openmindedness of your post, I would not dare to say that the divorce and remarriage have led you away from God, but towards Him.

    It is not to people to judge for God. Or to speak on behalf of God.

    If you talk to three Muslims, or Jews, or Catholics, they will agree on the basics of their specific religion. However, they may well disagree on "smaller" points (such as observance of religious festivals, how strictly one has to adhere to the Sabbath, restrictions on food, and what not).

    I am a strong believer in reading about religions, and going to the source. Not only does that allow you to learn more about specific religions, it also is a bit less colored than the personal opinion of a believer who is trying to give words to the specific religion he or she adheres to, which is by no means a simple task.

    A reasonably diverse cross-section of various religions, and specific issues pertaining to religions can be found on:

    Internet Sacred Text Archive Home
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    Re: various religions

    Welcome to Lifesupporters Venusfire503. I am also Catholic but have not been a practicing Catholic for quite a while. I got my kids through all the things one goes through and then left it to them to continue. I believe in God but don't feel I need to go to a priest to talk to him or to confess things to a third party. I pray directly. I don't have experience with other religions enough to comment on them. I just think if you are a good person and you follow the premise of the Golden Rule you will do fine. Not much help probably but religion is a very personal thing. Everyone has their own ideas and way to deal with it. Hope you stay and post with us.
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    Re: various religions

    I just recently had Religions of The World as an elective in my current course at college. I am completely non-denominational and I feel that there is a creator of some sort. There ends my beliefs on religion.

    After having to study many religions extensively I noticed something. It all seemed like one large spiral leading to the same overall point. "There's a god, don't do bad things, try to better yourself, spread the word"

    With 1000 different subtleties and minor beliefs and ideals, often in the same factions. My views have always been jaded though, and not from lack of expectation. I never felt that I needed a belief in afterlife, or guidance through this life. Having personally read the bible several times, and reading a few other religious texts, I am more certain that specific religion does not matter so much.

    I much rather prefer to live and raise my children the best I can. If anyone can find hope or peace in religion then this is a great thing. I never berate anyone for such things. If being closer to Him is important to you and you are now closer, then I am very happy for you.

    If I can find something to help you study on other religions then I will. In fact I could send some texts in PDF format on multiple religions if you would like.

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