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    Girlz lookin good at school for guyz?

    This year my lame grade seven teacher dedicated an entire afternoon to the grade seven girls to talk about "looking good at school".

    She calmly explained that life wasn't all about impressing the guys in our grade. Well, all of us got pretty upset and worked up over this because we all knew that we didn't try to look good for the guys we tried to look good for us and for the girls.

    When I wake up for school I want to look good. I don't know why I just do. Yet it bothered me that the teachers thought that we were "trying" to look grown up and "sexy" for the guys...

    It bothered my friends and I the most because we really put a lot of effort into looking decent when we go to school. For example we will choose our outfits (mix and match so we don't were the same outfit twice in the same month). Do our hair (straighten, curl, bun, ponytail, braids, let it down, headband...etc.). Wash our faces, brush our teeth, wash our nails, lip gloss, eye lash curler etc.

    We don't do it for the guys we do it for ourselves. But why do adults accuse us constantly about trying to be 17 instead of 13?
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    Re: Girlz lookin good at school for guyz?

    I think it's because they are afraid... and... maybe, just maybe... a little jealous !
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    Re: Girlz lookin good at school for guyz?

    Because your parents remember what they were like at that age.

    I would not mind the teacher taking notice that much. Perhaps the teacher was afraid that that was occuring, and a healthy discussion between pupils can be a very positive force to ascertain that the focus is on the right things.
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    Re: Girlz lookin good at school for guyz?

    sometimes our classmates wear stuff they really should be wearing and your teacher was just concerned about that

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    Re: Girlz lookin good at school for guyz?

    I think it's because so many teens these days are doing more ''adult'' things like drinking,smoking,sex,etc. Teachers notice it and probably don't like it so they want to let everyone know it's not a big deal to look absolutely fabulous for school. They want to point out that school is for learning, not a popularity contest or for impressing the opposite sex. I remember when i was in 10th grade and went to a regular high school (i do independant study now) girls would line up in the bathroom(after P.E) and bring straighteners to school and hairspray. One girl would even straighten her hair in my science class in front of everyone, and she had REALLY short hair so it looked really dumb on her part. It was wrong of your teacher to focus her ''talk'' on the girls, but she meant well.

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    Re: Girlz lookin good at school for guyz?

    probly one day a girl woke up going i wanna look 17 then her friends were like oooooooooohhhhh! she looks so good so they try it to and they notice that people treat you diffrent in a good why and you keep on doing that. Your teachers probably jeluuuuuse

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    Re: Girlz lookin good at school for guyz?

    I think many adults base their parenting techniques off their own life experiences which isn't always a good thing. It may be that a parent is coming down on a child assuming the child is acting in a manner the parent did when young.

    This is simply poor communication which I'm wiling to bet was noticeable many years before any of you tried to start looking good for your own reasons.

    The other thing I find comical is how much focus many mothers put into their children looking good from very young ages. I've seen mothers dressing their daughters in the prettiest clothes, painting their nails, getting their hair done and even getting ears pierced under the age of 5
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    Re: Girlz lookin good at school for guyz?

    I didn't get my ears pierced until almost forty and then I just about changed my mind but was stopped from leaving from a friend who barred the door.

    I still remember the screams of a little girl getting her ears pierced when I worked in Retail, and our Cosmetician did the deed.
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