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    Sarah Palin Backstabbed

    CANOE -- CNEWS - World: Knives come out for Sarah Palin

    "The leaked stories about Palin's alleged antics throughout the campaign are appearing in publications such as Newsweek and New York Times just as Republicans gather Thursday in Virginia to discuss the future of the party."


    What are your views about Sarah Palin?
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    Re: Sarah Palin Backstabbed

    Um, I'm glad she's not one heart attack away from that big red nuke button.

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    Re: Sarah Palin Backstabbed

    While some of it may be true, there were things that came out about Obama and his wife and it was glossed over by our media. It is bulls**t the way the media can influence the ignorant public. The media didn't want McCain or Palin in office so their stories were more pronounced than his. Sucks!!
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