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    Under your bed.

    With Love to Lauren

    A child is truly one of Gods greatest gifts and should be cherished at every possible moment. The sad truth...


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    Under your bed.

    Re: With Love to Lauren

    Should you wish to have your words of support added to Kathy's tribute, please feel free to respond to this topic and I'll ad your words here.
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    Re: With Love to Lauren

    Kathy your loss is the most difficult one anyone can bear and it comes after many other losses. No wonder you feel you are being punished, yet you know it was an accident and in time I hope the guilt and self blame will lessen and leave you free to enjoy your memories of Lauren.

    In your memory of her and how special she was, she touches you still. That is what is so wonderful about love - it's enduring power to influence, change and inspire. Lauren is with you still. When things get bad, let your memories of her comfort, rather than haunt you. That would be the best testament to her and the love you felt for each other.

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