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    Working Overtime

    Since it looks like I'll be working mountains of overtime from now until December (at least), I'm curious as to everyone's thoughts on how to work overtime?

    Are you the type of person who'd rather work all your overtime throughout the week such as 10-12-14-16 hour days or do you prefer working overtime during the weekends?

    Also, how do you find time to prepare meals for yourself or does your diet go to h3ll along with your sleep regimen when working overtime?
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    Re: Working Overtime

    I prefer weekends since I have already spent 10 hours at work and am ready to leave by the time the work day is up. As for my diet, that sucks all the time but is worse if I have to work overtime. As for sleep, I have had a hard time with that for a few years now. I am always tired it seems.
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    Re: Working Overtime

    When we had Overtime offered, I took it two extra hours in the morning or an early start on the weekend, 6:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. which still made it early enough to enjoy part of the weekend.

    Unfortunately, I didn't notice if my appetite suffered as I still ate the same way.
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    Re: Working Overtime

    Overtime? What's that? I might have the easiest job ever and can probably count the number of times I have had to work overtime on one hand.

    At my last job however, overtime was the norm. It was rare if I worked under 12 hours. I'd normally work 14 - 16 hours a day, sometimes 18 (although those two hours would be claimed on another day so as not to violate any labour laws lol) for 2 weeks straight, then I'd have a week off. I actually liked it alot, though my diet consisted of fast food & redbull every day for 2 weeks straight. Not so healthy but the pay was awesome.

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