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Why women smell good

HealthAt the first signs of sweat the average male can smell like fresh cat feces rolled in rotten cabbage yet women can literally be melting and still smell good.

Don’t believe me, skip the shower for the day and have your better half do the same. Which one of you smells like a freshly manured field?

My guess is it’s the man.

Some say chromosomes, some say body mass, some say diet but I know different.

I learned the secret to why women smell good and I’m here today to share the reason.

Some years ago I found myself showered, squeaky Why women smell goodclean but sadly out of Deodorant. Being a weekend without my daughter it took me ages to motivate myself to leave the house.

Who am I kidding, it always takes forever?

I was completely out of B.O. stick and facing exertion during the warmth of the day; plenty of time to get nice and ripe. Even with body spray chances are I’d smell like derriere before I got out of the car.

As I was ready to walk out the door I spotted some of my daughters anti-antiperspirant called Secret “Sheer Dry”. Desperate, I power painted my pits with it, soaked myself in men’s cologne (so as not to smell like a babies butt) and left for the day.

Well let me tell you, 24 hours later I still smelled wonderful. I even went out again the next morning without hitting the shower managing to do so without accompaniment of swarming insects.

Once home again I decided to shower anyway (it’s a ritual you see) and that’s when I discovered the reason for my prolonged freshness; wax. Yes you heard me, I had the equivalent of a scented candle clinging to my pit hairs and it took a lot of lather and scrubbing to rid myself of it.

It occurred to me later that night as my body painted men’s only stick started to fail, there is no body chemistry reason for women to smell good. Women just smell good because of the things they paint, spray, brush or dab on their bodies.

Think of it, if you wear hygienic products made of scented wax, whale blubber, and polypropylene the worse thing you can ever smell like is old Tupperware.

…and it takes ages for Tupperware to smell bad.

Take it from me guys, it’s not the woman that smells good it’s her bodywork.

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