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Why women smell good

HealthAt the first signs of sweat the average male can smell like fresh cat feces rolled in rotten cabbage yet women can literally be melting and still smell good.

Don’t believe me, skip the shower for the day and have your better half do the same. Which one of you smells like a freshly manured field?

My guess is it’s the man.

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Breathing Life into Lifesupporters

It’s been a long time coming but Lifesupporters.com is finally seeing some much needed change.

To those of you who frequent you may have noticed some major changes to aesthetic recently. These changes will be followed shortly by a substantial overhaul of how this site operates.

We believe these changes will not only help us aid you in your time of need but also encourage you to stick around and discover the true benefits of a peer support group.

Be sure to check back often as changes will occur frequently over the short term.

Thank you for visiting.