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Lifesupporters Community Update

It’s been some time since transparency’s been provided in regards to this Community and for that I sincerely apologize.

Unfortunately my goal of providing a safe o for those suffering online haven for social issues failed

In other words, I failed.

Originally in setting up Lifesupporters I myself was suffering depression due to a failed relationship and controlled access to my daughter.

I’ve never been one to lean on others in discussing emotional issues so I took to the internet and decided to purge online.

This process was extremely cathartic as not only was I purging, seeing it written in front of me forced me to face my issues and tackle them systematically. At this time others begun registering adding peer support while discussing what ailed them. It was an open discussion for all of us and we thrived as a close knit peer group.

As the Community gained exposure more people registered however few would engage in this peer support machine. Instead it was more “hit and run” I need help now requirements where the group would pour endless support.

Unfortunately we’d throw our hearts at the problem and mostly never hear from that person again. It was exceptionally rare to gain insight after support was given and speaking from experience, it’s disheartening.

Unfortunately this mechanic is not sustainable. One cannot pour endless support to strangers and receive nothing in return.

Like all relationships there is give and take, even professionals receive this benefit as they do not offer support without your continued input.

Perhaps this was our biggest failing. Maybe I should have only allowed a Twitter sized character limit in discussion? Maybe this would pinpoint issues and focus discussion? Maybe this would force people to interact more creating bonds?

Personally I don’t feel restricted access when you’re suffering is a vehicle for emotional support but neither is a Community that cannot sustain itself as people come and go instantaneously.

I can’t say for sure but after nearly a decade of focused effort I’ve decided to move on.

For this reason Lifesupporters Community will be closed to new Membership indefinitely. The Blog will remain however the content will also shift in focus to issues more relevant in humanities broader interests.

Expect content such as Environmental, Post Parenting, and General Health on this Blog in the near future. I’ve already a few articles in the pipeline such as “Parental Regret”, “Forgiveness”, and “Overthinking”.

I’m also likely to post about the current loss of Permafrost in Russia and how it affects you no matter where you live.

In closing, our journey at Lifesupporters.com is far from over, we’re simply entering the next phase.

Should you wish to discuss the Community I can’t think of a better place to do so than in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and take care.

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